More often than I would like, I find myself attempting to look in two directions at once.  Second guessing that which is past, while trying to divine something from the future, leaves the present a perpetually liminal place, where I always feel on the threshold of something, but can never quite perceive what that might be.  As a maker, this is one of the reasons why I am concerned with investigating the distance between things— the distance from oneself, from one’s environment, from other people, as well as the disconnect between psychological and physiological experience. 

Signals is a project about something on the periphery catching one’s attention, distracting one from what is directly in front of them— about glimpsing something out of the corner of one’s eye, and whipping around in the hopes of coming face to face with something else, something more, but that person or thing is already gone or was never there to begin with.  It is about longing to make connections, while being haunted by missed opportunities, including those that might be squandered in the future.  It is about the desire to inhabit a pair of contradictions in a single moment. 

Each animated gif has a tiny moving element that winks on and off, transmitting a message in Morse code.  The vague declarations, such as "Listen" and "I'm here", hint at the possibility of connection while communicating nothing substantive, and divert the viewer's attention from the photographed moment.